Crafts 2003

By Ole Jensen, 2003. In connection with the exhibition ’Brugskunst 2003’,
Gallery Nørby, Copenhagen.

Sunshine — Unique Utilitarian Objects
By Ole Jensen, 2018

By Ole Jensen, 2011

Form and Imagination
By Ole Jensen, 2012

The Hærvej Project
By Maria Desirée Holm-Jacobsen, 2010

Ole – Extraordinarily Ordinary
By Pernille Stockmarr, Design
Historian, 2006

Crafts 2003
By Ole Jensen, 2003

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By Ole Jensen, 2000

New Studies
By Ole Jensen, 1996

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By Ole Jensen, 1996

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By Ole Jensen, 1994

Let enthusiasm reign
By Ole Jensen, 1992

In the autumn 2000, I made a series of decorated earthenware dishes with
white slip. They were hung on the walls at The Exhibition Room For New
Ceramics and exhibited under the title ”Earthenware”. Red clay still possesses
a sense of the common ceramic heritage. It was basic and it worked.

Anyhow, it made me want to make more pieces in the same style – pieces
that were more distinctly utilitarian. Domestic ware for eating and drinking.

In the beginning, the forms were meant to be funny. But they didn’t really want
to be like that. Instead they’ve become simple and extremely ordinary. Large
and small. Familiar types with their own function. The cups are even more
simple and straightforward than cups generally are.

All forms are turned on the wheel. It’s also the centrifugal force of the wheel
that turns the black and the white glazes into exploding rosettes. I have been
dipping, pouring and cutting. And if, exceptionally, there are recognizable
motifs, they stem from the influences closest to me. A hand, a leaf and
the branches of the trees outside. The most successful ones are made with
greatest possible ease and without ”willing” them too much. Individually,
they are simple and unambiguous. Together, they are very unlike.

My youngest son likes the one with the hand. He thinks it’s really good.
But I am quite pleased with the lightly glazed earthenware pieces. Maybe it’s
a sign that what started off as an attempt to rediscover the qualities of the
basic and the spontaneous is now showing initial results.