New Studies

By Ole Jensen, 1996. In connection with the first edition of the washing-up
bowl. Dansk Kunsthåndværk, 1996.

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By Ole Jensen, 2018

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Historian, 2006

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New Studies
By Ole Jensen, 1996

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By Ole Jensen, 1994

Let enthusiasm reign
By Ole Jensen, 1992

Paraphernalia for coping with the everyday task of washing the dishes.
The dishpans are made of sheets of rubber, both natural and synthetic, glued
together, and the brush is of turned beech with pigs bristles. The pieces
were shown as prototypes at the ’Duplika’ exibition.

Concerning oneself with the problem of washing the dishes, and moreover by
hand, cannot be considered especially new or especially unusual as a concept.
On the contrary, it is based on normalcy. Extreme normalcy.

Working with a common problem is, however, a challenge since it opens up
potential for new ways to experience common phenomena.

When one has made a new thing, one can risk being asked, or asking oneself,
if it turned out as one thought it would. I must quite honestly answer ”no”
when it comes to this project! It actually turned out better!

It is difficult to decipher a work process that constantly alternates between
intuition and deliberate action. But quite concretely it surprised me (and my
brain) that the glued rubber sheets took on forms that were more natural
than I had thought they would be. I was given new choices.

At moments like this, signs of both strength and weakness are revealed.
I must humbly admit that I would be in a bad way if the hand did not ”cheat”
the spirit from time to time.