Form and Imagination
By Ole Jensen, 2012
Sunshine — Unique Utilitarian Objects
By Ole Jensen, 2018

By Ole Jensen, 2011

Form and Imagination
By Ole Jensen, 2012

The Hærvej Project
By Maria Desirée Holm-Jacobsen, 2010

Ole – Extraordinarily Ordinary
By Pernille Stockmarr, Design
Historian, 2006

Crafts 2003
By Ole Jensen, 2003

Things do not appear from nowhere
By Ole Jensen, 2000

New Studies
By Ole Jensen, 1996

Do we need new things?
By Ole Jensen, 1996

Water, jug and art
By Ole Jensen, 1994

Let enthusiasm reign
By Ole Jensen, 1992

It’s not easy to get into form and be imaginative, and things get off to a sluggish start – are mulled over too much and lack impulsiveness. Well assisted by the spring, summer, colours and natural phenomena, you manage nevertheless to get going with the clay – and one thing follows another. It is almost as if a fearless state is conjured up, with a new openness to aesthetic qualities beyond what is perfect, ‘good taste’, stylistic order and what is modern or unmodern. A state that cannot inevitably be expected to last.

The material is coloured earthenware and it results in many more dishes, bowls, pots as well as signs, traces and fingerprints than will ever end up at an exhibition or be used. Only the ‘freshest’ of them and the most spontaneous qualities that it makes sense to share with others. A great many of them proved to be irretrievably bad – or good in the wrong way.

From time to time it has been fun to make the items. It has also been quite ‘spaced out’. And maybe psychedelic. In actual fact, it has all sprung out of an eternal longing to capture the playful lightness of things.

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